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Real Men. Real Results

Liomen works. But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, let men from around the world explain how Liomen anti-aging cream for men restored their skin... and their confidence.

Karl, 40

England, UK

"Skincare has been a massive issue for me! The wrinkles were getting deeper, dryer skin and blackheads. I really needed something to fix that for me.

No-one focuses on their skincare as much as I do and I think it's really important. I've tried lots of products and when Liomen was recommended by a trusted friend I was happy to give it a go.

Only need one application a day as it's a night-time cream. Even after the first use I woke up looking better! Amazing results, I couldn't believe it! It's the first time I've used a cream like this. It's got a different texture, different feel.

I checked the list of ingredients and what they do along with how often to use it and how long it lasts. I was amazed to find it lasted longer than I expected, and I was putting on plenty.
I like the Liomen pump system rather than the tubs that other creams come in, it keeps the cream fresh and not having to look at the dust and hairs that accumulate in the tubs of my other creams is a bonus.

I'm very happy with my skin! The tone has evened out, scars are less visible and wrinkles are definitely less visible. It's been more than a month now and I keep getting compliments, people are noticing the change in my skin and how healthy it looks which is fantastic."

Jason, 47

Los Angeles, California, USA

"Getting back onto the dating scene is daunting enough in your forties. With modern apps, you literally find yourself competing directly against other guys - and younger guys.

You need to use every advantage you've got. After far too many weeks of zero matches, I realized that I needed to bring my A-game to my dating life.

Liomen arrived quickly and in plain packaging, so not even my mailman knew what my plans were. And the best thing? It really worked for me! Knowing I'm looking my best is an enormous confidence boost. The only people who are happier with the results than I am are the women I meet on my dates!"

Phil, 39

England, UK

"Great product!
Having sensitive and oily skin, I have tried various creams before, and I must say that this is a great product. I have used it for one month now and my skin feels fresh, smooth and softer.

The bottle came factory wrapped and delivery was super speedy, which is always a plus! I found the cap slightly lose to the feel but this didn’t affect the product, it still feels solid. The pump also adds a really nice touch, meaning no more dipping your fingers in the tubs or tubs like with other creams, which I often find gets gunky around the edge. With this pump bottle, that doesn’t happen and it delivers just the right amount every time, no mess!

I'm looking forward to seeing how my skin feels after time with Liomen.
So far, it's excellent. I would definitely recommend it!"

Mark, 34

England, UK

"Throughout my twenties, I never really considered my skin. But by the time I hit my thirties,
years of partying hard and burning the candle at both ends was taking its toll.

After looking in the mirror and being unhappy with what I saw, I decided to get serious about my skin.

I’ve tried so many brands and combinations over the years. At one point I had a medicine cabinet bursting with products, some costing hundreds. But nothing gave me the results I craved… until Liomen. Just one bottle delivered all the results - and more. It meant I could throw out all my old creams. Even better, I’m no longer held to ransom by big brands.
With Liomen, I save money by looking great!"

Paul, 52

Concord, New Hampshire, USA

"When my wife began dropping subtle hints about the crows’ feet gathering around my eyes, I decided to take action.

As an engineer, I did a lot of research on the science of skin ageing and what really worked. On all the papers I read, I kept seeing the same ingredients cropping up in those studies: retinol and collagen. However, trying to find a product that contained both retinol and collagen proved fruitless. Neither department store products nor those found in a pharmacy contained the combination I was looking for.

That was until I finally found Liomen. Their Retagen-X combination provides all my skincare requirements; it’s the science-backed formula your face deserves. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Liomen for these reasons."

David, 39

London, England, UK

"I was fed up with being teased for being the “old man” in my friendship group. It seemed so unfair that the guys I went to school with had seemed to age much better than I had. The lines on my forehead seemed so much deeper. The circles under my eyes looked so much darker. But what could I do? I just put it down to bad luck.

That was until I discovered Liomen from a magazine article. After just one month of using Liomen, friends and colleagues were complimenting me on my changed appearance. They were saying I was looking fresher and asking me what changes I'd made to my lifestyle. The answer couldn’t have been more simple: I just applied Liomen each night. Less than ten seconds daily was all it took to add up to a monumental difference."

Steve, 63

Henley-on-Thames, England, UK

"At 60 I thought I was too old to make any positive changes to my appearance. But then a friend told me he had started using Liomen, and explained some of the results he was enjoying. I’d certainly noticed the difference in him, so thought it was worth a shot to try it out for myself. The price was great - what did I have to lose?

I'm so glad I took his advice! Within 60 days I noticed deep creases were noticeably improved and fine lines were hardly visible.

Let's be truthful, Liomen really worked for me, but it's not a time machine. At 60, I know I won't be looking like I did when I was 21 anytime soon! But I'd say it’s the next best thing. If you think it’s too late, take the same chance I did.
I’m sure you won’t regret it."

Valentino, 26


“Liomen is a quality product that made a difference for me from the first application. Even though it takes time for results to show, my skin felt smoother from the very first application.

I use Liomen to help smoothen fine lines and reduce the appearance of my acne scars. As someone who has struggled with oily skin all my life, I was disappointed with many skin creams which only made my skin issues worse - blocking my skin pores. This wasn’t the case with Liomen.

This particular product works well with my skin.”I am in my 20s and I want to protect my skin and keep it looking youthful for as long as possible. I feel Liomen helps a lot with that. It ticks all the boxes for me - from the safe & healthy formula, to fast delivery, to excellent customer service. The price is not the cheapest, but I believe it is an amazing value for what it offers.

I’ve done my research before getting Liomen and I know the ingredient profile is evidence-backed and of cleanest quality. For this, it has a big thumbs up from me.”


England, UK

"I didn’t expect to be raving about this product as much as I am. But I cannot emphasise enough just how many products I previously tried in the journey to sorting out my troublesome skin.

As soon as I run out of Liomen, I will be buying more, and I can’t really say any more than that.

Obviously your individual mileage will vary, but there are a LOT of positive reviews of Liomen online. If, like me, you’re a man “of a certain age” and you want to improve your skin, I highly recommend it. I’ve already mentioned it to my doctor as an idea for other people with eczema.

NOTHING else worked. This did."

Ben's Liomen Anti-Aging Night Cream Review: