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Anti-Aging Cream
Mike (Leeds, GB)
Refreshing and effective

I am surprised by this men's cream! Performance is a real winner. It's rare to find a product this good

Anti-Aging Cream
Andy Ferguson
Excellent cream thats not greasy

I was given a sample of this cream and it really makes skin feel smoother. Its not greasy either. Sinks in nicely. Apply overnight after washing your face and it feels great. Started to see a difference after using for 2 weeks. Bought some more to keep going with it. Other people have noticed also.

Good Skincare

I'm 43 and have moisturized since my early 20's as I have sensitive skin that needs looking after. Often get comments on my skin and that I look good for my age. Liomen works really well with my sensitive skin

Just started

Just received this so will know after using it for longer how good it is

Perfect Night Cream

Was excited to try Liomen, normally I use a day moisturizer, cleanser and evening moisturizer and was looking to simplify things into 1 product and save time. My old routine was working for me but if I skipped a day or 2 then it was noticable. With this night cream it's made life so much easier, few seconds every night and I'm getting better results than with my old routine. Even when I skip a day my skin is still looking good

Firms skin

Used this product for 7 days now and it's good. Can see a difference and my skin feels tighter and lifted. Only got 1 bottle to try it out, wish had gone for more to save money

30s good skin cream

approaching my late 30s and started to notice my skin aging. Past few years I used whatever cream i got given at xmas and birthdays just so that I was doing some skincare but didn't really see any results. Saw this in my friends bathroom and got myself some, glad I did. World's of difference between the cheap gifts I was getting and proper face cream

Overall good product

All around good product. Easy to use

For men

Had tried my gfs face cream after showering and enjoyed using it. She wasn't happy though! Decided to get my own and went with Liomen, liked the brand more than anything. Working good and happy with my skin

Good for mild aging

Have a few wrinkles and darker spots on my face at 49. Been using this stuff for over a month now and still on the first. I think my skin looks better and the wrinkles are less noticeable

Great Product

Great to use and works. Lasts a long time


Really fast delivery, wasn't expecting it that fast! Making a difference after 3 weeks on my 47 year old face which I'm happy with

It works

Have been looking for a long time for something to help with dark circles and patchy skin. Got this and seeing more even skin color and lighter under the eyes after 3 weeks. Recommended!

Face feels great!

Turning 45 soon and started to prioritize skin care to help combat aging. I'm using it every night for 2 weeks now and happy with the results. Skin can face feel healthier and look good!

Great face cream

47 year old guy with sensitive skin here. Tried different brands but there's something in them that flares up my skin and makes it go red. Got lucky with Liomen and it fits my skin type perfectly, no flare ups after a few weeks and my skin is looking good and healthy.

68 years old

I'm 68 and skincare hasn't been my thing most of my life. Thought I'd give this a shot as the many wrinkles I have are plain to see. Used the product for a few weeks and saw improvements on my face, now I use it on my neck too. Has made my wrinkles smoother and tightened up my skin. Happy with it!

Working on my wrinkles

I like this product and it's helping with my wrinkles. My forehead looks smoother and overall my skin color has evened out more. Amazing what a difference to my life having better skin makes, definitely recommend!


Def helping my under eyes. I don't get the best sleep and wasn't expecting much of a difference but this is the best cream I've used so far

Like the pump

Using Liomen for over a year and really like the pump bottle thing. 1 pump is plenty for my face and I enjoy using it

Need to look good at 54!

Divorced a few years ago and started dating again a few months ago. Need to refresh my appearance and look good! This cream is doing what it says it will, and it makes me feel confident when I go out. I get the 3 bottles to get the best price when I order

Good for eczema prone older skin

My husband has been using this face cream since I stumbled on a review about it on a blog. He has really dry skin with eczema and most things flare his skin up but this is amazing! Much clearer skin and happy that I found skincare for him that works

Barber recommended

Was chatting with my barber and skincare came up, he swore by Liomen and that he wouldn't use anything else. Got some and he's right, it's good stuff!

Good face cream

Surprised with the results of using this face cream. Makes my face look younger and skin feels tighter.

Great product even in a Milwaukee winter

Live in Milwaukee and winters usually make my skin dry and flaky but using this anti-aging cream every night has kept my skin smooth and healthy. Overall love this product and highly recommend.

Great for skin

Will order again

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Anti-Aging Night Cream

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