Clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin in just 7-seconds a day

  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Firmer and tighter skin
  • Healthy skin tone
  • Lifted and contoured jawline

All Natural

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All skin types

Tired of looking tired? Take back control

Are wrinkles, worry lines, dark circles and sallow skin negatively impacting your home and work life? Instead of being unhappy, why don’t you choose:

The solution is entirely in your hands when you choose Liomen.

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Real men, real results

Join the thousands of men enjoying the prime of their life with Liomen.

Discover what real men have to say about the real results they've seen.


Karl, 40

England, UK

"I'm very happy with my skin! The tone has evened out, scars are less visible and wrinkles are definitely less visible. It's been more than a month now and I keep getting compliments, people are noticing the change in my skin and how healthy it looks which is fantastic."


Jason, 47

Los Angeles, USA

"It really worked for me! Knowing I'm looking my best is an enormous confidence boost. The only people who are happier with the results than I am are the women I meet on my dates!"


Mark, 34

England, UK

"I’ve tried so many brands and combinations over the years. At one point I had a medicine cabinet bursting with products, some costing hundreds. But nothing gave me the results I craved… until Liomen. Just one bottle delivered all the results - and more!"

The sad truth we try to ignore... but we can't

It’s an unhappy truth, but we live in an appearance-driven world. Countless scientific studies have proved that younger-looking men are more successful at work, are luckier on the dating scene, and are more respected by their friendship group.

But what happens if Mother Nature didn’t bless you with youthful-looking genes?

Well, up until now, you had two options: Stump up thousands in cash to visit a plastic surgeon, or simply call it bad luck and suffer.

It meant years of being overlooked for promotions by bosses who say we look tired. Of being constantly swiped left when our sagging faces appear on dating apps. And our friends mocking us for being the ‘old man’ of the group because of the lines on our forehead.

But now there is another way. A better way...

If you’d given up hope of ever looking in the mirror and seeing a fresh, smiling face looking back at you, worry no longer. It’s time to take back control with Liomen's anti-aging cream for men.

The 7-second regime that turns back the clock

Liomen is the latest advancement in men's anti-aging skincare. A ground-breaking partnership between highly qualified dermatologists and a state-of-the-art skincare laboratory. Our aim was simple: To allow guys just like you to benefit from the same transformative formula that was previously only enjoyed by CEOs and movie stars.

They said it was impossible, but by cutting out all the expensive middlemen and supplying direct from our door to yours, we managed to unlock the secret.

No more need for complicated and expensive combinations of creams, serums and moisturizers (which are only effective in making global corporations richer). No more stealing a sneaky sample from your wife's side of the bathroom cabinet.

Liomen is an anti-aging cream for men that gives you clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin in just 7-seconds a day.

Cutting edge skincare they don't want you to know about

What you enjoy with every bottle of Liomen is the result of 15 years of cumulative development. The product of hundreds of hours of R&D, millions of dollars invested in custom manufacturing apparatus and scores of men's anti-aging skincare prototypes.

We refined and perfected until we were certain that Liomen was the very best anti-aging cream for men that we could offer to you. How do we know it was worth it? Because of the compliments that hundreds of men just like you say they are receiving on a daily basis.

Look what you're missing out on without Liomen

Choose Liomen and within 30 days people will begin to compliment you on your:

  • Smooth forehead
  • Tightened eye area
  • Fresh under eyes
  • Brighter skin
  • Tighter jawline


The game-changing formula which plastic surgeons hate

You may have tried numerous moisturizers, anti-aging serums and anti-aging creams before. Only to be left disappointed. Why? It’s a simple answer. The key to unlocking great skin is the superpower combo of Retinol and Collagen. If your current skincare regime lacks both, or either, you are not making the wholesale changes to your skin that you deserve.

Take a look right now at the products in your cabinet. If you aren’t seeing a combination of Retinol and Collagen, throw them in the bin and choose Liomen. This combination is the powerhouse of youth.

Liomen expertise has managed to encapsulate these two ingredients in a unique matrix. We call our proprietary ingredient Retagen-X. And because these ingredients form the foundation of all healthy, glowing skin, it doesn’t matter if your skin is dry, oily, acne-prone or blemished - Liomen is an anti-aging cream for men that is guaranteed to work for you.

Liomen: Scientifically formulated by men, for men

You wouldn’t use a woman’s razor. You wouldn’t use a woman’s deodorant.

So why use a woman’s anti-aging cream?

For exactly the same reasons why men and women are fundamentally different - hormones - so the very structure of our skin differs. Male hormones mean our skin is thicker, it produces more oil, we have deeper pores and we are prone to deeper wrinkles.

Liomen is a dermatologist-developed, lab-grade anti-aging cream for men that truly delivers. We use only the finest quality, natural ingredients - including our unique RETAGEN-X formulation - to deliver the 3Rs of an effective men's anti-aging skincare regime in a matter of days:


See the difference from Day 1+

Erasing fine lines and wrinkles


Experience the impact from Day 14+

Resulting in firmer lifted skin


Delight from Day 30+

High production of new, fresh skin cells

What could be even better than the anti-aging results Liomen delivers? How simple it is to use!

Just apply once, right before bed. Simply leave on and wake to see visibly fresher and younger-looking skin. No need to scrub or rinse. It’s the 7-second ritual that can transform how you feel about yourself, and how others feel about you.


Get more for your money with ProGuard+

Liomen’s industry-leading airless pump not only makes things incredibly convenient - dispensing EXACTLY the right amount of product, with zero wastage - it also keeps Liomen anti-aging cream in the same condition as when it left the factory. So you can enjoy lab-grade anti-aging skincare all the way to the very last drop.


    Actuator accurately dispenses cream creating a vacuum


    Vacuum created within the pump chamber


    Piston moves upwards to regulate the change in pressure


    The volume of cream dispensed is externally replaced by air entering the intake

The very best of natural ingredients, based upon the very latest anti-aging science

Compared to other men’s anti-aging skincare products you may have seen in department stores or pharmacies, Liomen delivers in 3 key categories:



Do you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day? If you don’t - and when combined with the stresses and strains of modern life: environmental pollution, poor diet, air conditioning - your skin can very quickly dry out.

Dehydrated skin leaves you vulnerable to dull skin, dark under-eyes and increased incidence of fine lines and wrinkles. But from the very first application of Liomen, your skin is nourished by Aloe Vera - a natural moisturizer. Even better, anti-aging benefits are amplified by the inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid, which locks in moisture and retains it in the skin’s upper layers long-term.

Almost overnight, you’ll find people notice a glowing freshness to your skin that you may not have experienced in years.



Just like any living thing, your skin needs nutrients and vitamins in order to nourish and renew. It’s where most off-the-shelf anti-aging skincare formulas are weak. They choose to omit expensive vitamins, oils and nature-based ingredients, so you don’t get to see your skin’s full potential.

Choose better by choosing Liomen. By not cutting a single corner, we pack Liomen with the anti-aging ingredients your skin needs to thrive: Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant that can reduce cellular damage; Green Tea, Argan Oil and Avocado Oil refuels skin cells, boosting their ability to regenerate and renew. And potent naturals including Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Passionfruit Oil, Arnica Infusion, Apple Extract and Watermelon Oil opens up Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet to deep skin nutrition.

Looking in the mirror, we are certain you’ll be delighted by how much firmer and lifted your skin appears. And you won’t be the only one to notice…



This is where the real anti-aging magic happens. Ask any skincare expert and they will say the same thing over and over: Retinol is a complete necessity in your skincare. No Retinol, no long-term benefit.

This wonder anti-aging ingredient supercharges the regeneration of skin cells. New, fresh skin cells are brought to the surface up to 50% faster thanks to Retinol. This fresh skin is noticeably brighter and more elastic - the hallmark of youthful skin.

But that’s not all. Because we combine Retinol with Marine Collagen. Collagen acts as a form of scaffolding, keeping the skin firm and taut. However, by the age of 40, we may have lost up to 30% of the Collagen we had in our youth. That which is produced is of lower quality. A noticeable, visible sign of this Collagen erosion is wrinkling and sagging.

By combining Retinol with Collagen, you benefit from increased skin elasticity which delivers the benefit of tighter, smoother skin.

Our impeccable standards are your safeguards

Every bottle of Liomen is made in the UK in laboratories adhering to cGMP standards. Every anti-aging ingredient has been personally assessed by a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science. Each was selected based upon independent clinical studies, often undertaken by some of the world's most prestigious universities, on skincare and anti-ageing. Quite simply, Liomen is backed by evidence-based science.

Made in the UK in certified labs

Pure, natural ingredients

Natural, no animal testing

Suitable for all skin types

How many ways will YOU benefit from Liomen?



We know that older looking men are frequently overlooked for promotion. Let’s stop that concern in its tracks for you.

Stop worrying about being the ‘old man’ in the office. Instead of junior staff thinking you’re outdated, and your bosses believing that you’re past it, people begin to notice you. Liomen promises to keep you in your prime years for longer.



Does your wife keep a picture of your wedding day somewhere prominent? Does it bother you that you hardly recognize that young guy staring back at you?

Your partner is sure to be delighted to see the results Liomen delivers; to be proud to be seen on your arm. And you’ll no longer be the old Dad on the school run whose kids are embarrassed about it. Don’t fear the younger guy… Be the younger guy!



Modern dating is all about appearances. Thanks to apps and online dating, if you don’t make a great impression instantly, you’re out of here.

So what could be better than presenting a fresh face with glowing skin to your potential suitor? You are sure to make an eye-catching difference. And it’s not just dates who will notice, your peers are also certain to notice. Choose Liomen and you no longer have to be the oldest looking guy among your buddies.

Liomen takes away all the worries

Discreet packaging delivered directly to your door

Shipped fast with trusted couriers

Single payment, no recurring payments

Secure checkout

Multipack discounts available

The Liomen promise to you

Women said that, on average, their man's skin looked 8 years younger after using Liomen.

We are so confident that you will see the same anti-aging results that we guarantee it!

Our no-hassle guarantee asks only one thing of you: That you use the product every night for 30 nights.

If you are not blown away by the results, simply return your empty bottle of Liomen and our friendly customer service team will process your refund with no questions asked.

Your current skincare vs Liomen

Feature Current skincare Liomen
Powered by RETAGEN-X
Zero waste with ProGuard+
30 day supply
Paraben free
One bottle does it all

Directions for use

Easy and effective with just one application at night before bed

1. Wipe face lightly with a warm moist towel.
2. Apply to face.
3. Wake up looking and feeling healthier and younger.

The secret to those ageless Hollywood looks can now be in your hands

The wait is finally over. Once the preserve of movie stars and CEOs, Liomen takes the latest advancement in men’s anti-aging skincare and makes it available directly to YOU.

By cutting out the greedy middlemen department stores and private anti-aging skincare clinics, for the first time ever you can enjoy all the benefits of lab-grade anti-aging skincare, and for less than the price of your daily coffee.

Take advantage of a money-saving Liomen multipack today. Order now and we will rush-release your order with our trusted couriers. Delivered direct to your door in plain packaging, nobody will know except you and us.

So what are you waiting for? We are so confident you’ll love Liomen, we guarantee it. The only thing you have to lose is that tired-looking skin that has been holding you back for too long!